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A Requiem For Horizon Prophecy Online: The Final Four is a tabletop roleplaying game and adventure for one player. Your favorite MMO, Horizon Prophecy Online, is shutting down its servers for good, and with just four hours to go, you decide to hop back in with a new character and replay the starting area. What will you discover (or rediscover) about the game before it disappears? What will you discover about yourself?

You'll need a handful of 6-sided dice and your imagination to play, as well as paper and pen to track your progress.

This game was conceptualized for the Dying MMO Jam and largely inspired by g0ri's Grey Moon Rising.


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"A Requiem for Horizon Prophecy Online: The Final Four takes you on a nostalgia trip that you actually didn’t take the first time around, and it pulls it off very well." You can read the full CHG actual play and review here:


Ah! I wish itch.io had pinned comments! Thank you so much :)


Is it possible to be nostalgic about a video game that has never existed? Can one find a role-playing game beautiful and touching without having played it? I think I confidently answer "yes" to these two questions in the case of ARfHPO-TFF. This single player game is about walking the plains of an imaginary MMORPG at the end of its life, redoing the quests with a new character, just for fun. The game seems to me enjoyable on this pure quest angle, but beyond that, it's also a poignant reflection on what it means to play a game, how it can impact our lives, and what we take away from each game once we put the dice or the console away.

Such high praise, thank you so much!


Wow! This is absolutely great. Love the setting, mechanics and presentation. I'm gonna treat myself to a play-through ASAP (why I have not spoiled myself the later hours). 

Finally, I am of course honoured  to be credited here. Thanks a lot! I think this way of writing solo games is really something worth exploring more.


Oh, I'm so glad you came this way! I couldn't see a way to message you, but yes, I absolutely wouldn't have managed this without the inspiration. Thanks so much!


I've never seen a single player tabletop before but will now be on the lookout. This is a very well made and creative application of the medium. Awesome job

Haha, isn't it an odd concept? We think of TTRPGs as group activities, but once you dig in, there's a great array of solo content out there. Thanks so much!


I've always been interested in tabletop game jam submissions but don't have anyone to play them with, so it was really cool to see a singleplayer game!

I had a lot of fun reading through this, very neat way to do this theme

Thanks! This was my first attempt at a solo TTRPG after seeing one I really liked in a previous jam, so I'm hoping to spread the vibe :)