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Storm ♥ Circuit Odyssey is a tabletop RPG for 1 GM and 3 to 6 players, about young Pilots fighting an impossible Threat with their titanic Machines. If you're interested in telling a collaborative story about war, relationships, survival, and hope — and, of course, giant mechas — but you don't care so much about intricate combat rules or a sprawling, prepackaged setting, give this game a try.

You'll need some six-sided and ten-sided dice to play, about 5 of each. It's best if everyone has their own set. One player will portray the world as Mission Control, while the others will take on the roles of...

  • The Conduit, empowered by electromagnetism, piloting the Receiver
  • The Hotshot, an ace Pilot full of bravado, piloting the Ace Custom
  • The Legacy, inheritor of both reputation and Machine, piloting the Heirloom
  • The Parasite, an artificial Pilot reconstructed from a vestige, piloting the Prototype
  • The Shadow, fighting the Threat with information and sabotage, piloting the Eclipse
  • The Veteran, who's already been fighting this war for too long, piloting the Reliable

...to battle the Threat. Get in your robots, power up your hearts, and take the fight to them. This war is only just beginning.

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Icons by Lorc (CC-BY-3.0). This RPG is Powered by the Apocalypse. Yes, the title is pronounced "Storm-Heart Circuit Odyssey".


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Storm ♥ Circuit Odyssey 540 kB
Storm ♥ Circuit Odyssey fillable sheets 1 MB
Storm ♥ Circuit Odyssey fillable playbook template 3 MB

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Would you consider making a playbook template so making custom playbooks could look consistent with the others? I really love the system and am considering designing some playbooks for a home campaign I'm going to be running.


Wow, I would LOVE to see custom playbooks! Luckily, the design here is pretty simple. I can try and make a form-fillable PDF of some kind or just upload a basic InDesign template. What would be helpful for you?


A form fillable PDF would be ideal, I'm not familiar with InDesign. And thank you, this will be super fun to work on!


If I make a fully fleshed out original playbook, would you like to publish it on the game's page or would it be ok to post it on mine? You're doing all the work with the templates. 


You're totally free to post it! I'll just put a link here :)

The fillable template is up now! Let me know if you encounter any problems with it. Looking forward to seeing your custom playbooks!

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Just to let you know that both the Conduit and the Hotshot have their Special called Upload Commencing

Aha! Thank you, I must have copied that and not adjusted it when I redid the layout. I'll fix it soon!


Yay good to hear! Only other tweak I can think of maybe is a form fillable version so it can be used digitally 😜

I have indeed learned how to make form-fillable PDFs since my last update here, so that's an excellent idea! I've reuploaded the base game with the corrected Hotshot sheet, as well as pack of form-fillable playbooks. Let me know if there's anything else I've missed, and thanks for checking out my game! :)